Competition Results

The first Ariadne's Thread Poetry Competition caught me by surprise boih in terms of quantity of entered poems and overall quality of the texts in competition.

Even so, there were carefully read within a fairly short delay and Shortlisted, Commended and winning poems and authors can be presented now.

As a reminder, all these poems will be published in Ariadne's Thread.

Resulting from the very strict and demanding read that was made of the poems in competition, there was a very substantial number of poems that were not shortlisted. In some cases that was due to the need of editing them (not to be done in a competition) and in some other cases to minor typos. 

We'll launch a second Competition later in 2014 with some differences to the one that is concluded now.

Please keep an eye on our website for more information

Armando Halpern


Winning Poems

  • First Prize:

    • Rosie Garland - The Sum of All Meat
  • Honourable Mentions:

    • Susan Wallbank - He Finds Himself in Women
    • Helena Torres - Paradise Los
    • Kenan Malik - Love and Revolution
  • Shortlisted Poems:

    • Anna Wigley - Settings
    • Louise Wilford - Reading War Poems
    • Malcolm Watson - The Words of Mercury Are Harsh After the Songs of Apollo
    • Annie Morris - A moment's Moment
    • Anna Kornilova - Commemoration Party
    • Laurice Gilbert - Before You
    • Sean Wai Keung - Ghosts

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