Competition Results 2014

The second Ariadne's Thread Poetry Competition is not inferior in the quality of the poems from the first edition. It was also marked by a much higher number of entries that gave us some trouble to finish reading on time.

Even so, they were carefully read within a fairly shortest delay possible and Shortlisted, Commended and winning poems and authors can be presented now.

As a reminder, all these poems will be published in Ariadne's Thread.

Resulting from the very strict and demanding read that was made of the poems in competition, there was a very substantial number of poems that were not shortlisted. In some cases that was due to the need of editing them (not to be done in a competition) and in some other cases to minor typos. 

We'll launch a second Competition later in 2015 with some differences to the one that is concluded now.

Please keep an eye on our website for more information

Armando Halpern


Winning Poems

  • First Prize:

    • Sarah Ann Winn - Sketching from Life
  • Honourable Mentions:

    • Susan Wallbank - The Horoscope Reader
    • Helena Torres - Pillow Book
    • Lawrenc Iisley - Laplace's Demon
  • Shortlisted Poems:

    • David Duncombe - The Other Side
    • Shabed Ali - Questions
    • Bethany W. Pope - Among the Olives and the Rocks
    • Stuart Nunn - Notre Dame, Easter Day, 1962
    • Haleigh Belamy - Mother
    • Mary Rozmus-West - Excavations:  the Tomb at Amphipolis
    • Gareth Writer-Davies - The Intruder
    • Annest Gwilym - Crows
    • Ute Carson - Time Past, Time Present
    • Grace Holmes - The Audition
    • Grahaeme Barrasford Young - Previous
    • Terence Brick - For I Will Consider the Beauty of the Pig
    • Jane Malone - Silence

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