Issue 14-Susan Wallbank-The Horoscope Reader

I read your horoscope sometimes

(Pisces - you were a water sign

born on the Ides of March)

occasionally to see how you might be

I read but don’t believe in after life

astrology or such but have this need

to keep in touch - to feel you near

when you have gone so far away

for ever seems a bit too much

some days I read your horoscope

along with mine although my mind

knows what it says does not apply

when one is dead I find it comforting

when photographs are not enough

there is this wish to reach across

death’s dark divide and try and touch

to throw a line between your world and mine

I read your horoscope sometimes

when I’m alone although I know

the stars are blind to human need

but still I turn to them and read.

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