Armando Halpern

Armando Halpern was born in Lisbon, Portugal and lives in the UK since 2005.

He is the editor of Ariadne’s Thread.

He published a collection of short-stories and a novel in Portuguese as well as reviews, poems, short essays and short stories in several Portuguese newspapers and anthologies. He has several English written poetry and short-stories published in Ariadne’s Thread, The Journal, Philosophy Now, This Island City - Portsmouth in Poetry, Lyrical Beats and Southbank Poetry Magazine.

He is a frequent presence at Poetry Cafes, performing as featured poet at poetry events in Bath, Guildford, London, Manchester and Portsmouth.

 He published recently the book "Animals & Other Love Songs", marked with three 5 star reviews in Amazon (see it at: The book, as the title partially implies. is a collection of love songs, but trying to capture the deeply physical and emotional nature of love.

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